Rejuvaberry Cosmetic Clinic

At Rejuvaberry™ we are determined to keep age at bay and help you maintain a healthy and youthful appearance the natural way! We strive to deliver the best outcomes by implementing the latest techniques and products in the regenerative aesthetic medical field. Our medical aesthetic specialists are well equipped with the necessary qualifications, skills and experience. 

Our esteemed staffs at Rejuvaberry™ share this one common goal: We are passionate about the aesthetics industry and we show up every day to ensure that our clients are listened to, cared for, and loved as we consider every client part of our Rejuvaberry™ family. Our mission statement is to deliver inspiration, empowerment, and beauty through aesthetics art, passion, and love. We hope to show you the Rejuvaberry™ difference!


We are proud to introduce tailor-made programmes for your specific anti-ageing and aesthetic needs. Our body and most specifically our skin, are proven to be affected by internal and external factors. Your lifestyle, nutritional routine and living environment (pollution) are the contributing factors that determine your general health and skin health. We take into account all the internal and external factors affecting your appearance before designing a programme for you! When suggesting a treatment plan implementing our cosmetic protocols we also always consider your budget and availability as well as your expectations and timeline.


All our programmes are designed with having YOU in mind as an individual. We strive to develop holistic treatment plans that not only focus on single effective treatments but also address the revitalisation of your skin as a whole. This way we can achieve optimal results that are natural, long-lasting, and easier to maintain.